Welcome to the EUP Community Dispute Resolution Center!

Conflict is a natural part of life; conflicts occur in everyone’s lives.  When a dispute overwhelms you, when it strains you financially or emotionally, when you want to solve a disagreement before it gets out of hand…it may be time to seek help.  Often conflicts can be constructively resolved with the help of your local mediation service.


Our Mission: The EUP Community Dispute Resolution Center provides citizens with the opportunity to mediate disagreements, determine their own solutions and resolve differences using a process that is respectful and educational.

Our Vision: Citizens of the Eastern Upper Peninsula recognize the need to settle disputes and use peaceful methods, including mediation to resolve differences.

Background: Since 1993, we have served the people of the EUP by providing mediation, facilitation, and conflict resolution training. We are here to listen with respect and empathy to your personal concerns, and we tailor our services to meet the needs of callers whenever possible.  Affordable fees are charged for some services, but the center is committed to providing services to all citizens of the EUP apart from their ability to pay.

The center is a non profit which receives annual funds from the Michigan Supreme Court’s State Court Administrative Office’s Community Dispute Resolution Program, the United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula, some fees for service, and your donations which are donated directly and via the center’s endowment fund with the Chippewa County Community Foundation. Two percent monies were received from the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians in 2008.  The center holds at least one large fundraiser annually. 

Majority of the center’s services are provided by trained and experienced volunteers. The center employs an executive director and part time intake staff. The Board of Directors are volunteers serving without any stipends.

We provide a friendly voice on the phone and in-person services that save you money, time, and aggravation, and –  perhaps most importantly – our services often preserve relationships. binary options trading